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Guest posting definition

  Guest posting definitio

Writing content for a website or blog other than your own is termed Guest Posting. Bloggers write for a high-authority website in their niche to get more backlinks and higher organic traffic to their blogs. Guest blogging helps in achieving popularity and credibility among the readers. Genuine backlinks compel search engines to take note of your blog. The domain authority of your blog improves and it also gets higher visibility on the web.

Benefits of Guest posting - Buy Affordable guest blog posts!

Brand Awareness

Guest posting allows you to be seen and read by a much wider audience. If you can write a very popular post solving the problems of your readers, you can easily create solid brand awareness for your blog. Share your brand’s voice when you submit your post. Remember that you aim is to engage with the readers whether you take a humorous approach or conversationally talk to them. Keep it short, simple, and to the point to connect with the audience.

Increased Backlinks / DA of your website

You are getting a chance to reach out to a much wider audience. What is more, you leverage their popularity by inserting the link of your blog in the post. Search engines notice backlinks from high-authority websites and give a higher ranking to your blog.

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Increased traffic to your site – Guest blogging!

You will get increased organic traffic through guest blogging. It helps in creating brand awareness among the readers. Guest blogging is a wonderful promotion strategy that sends higher organic traffic to your blog. Readers share your post if it is excellent and solves their problems. They also visit your website to check out your other posts. A higher amount of traffic can easily lead to improved sales and profits if you can convert these visitors into customers.

Social Media Shares & Following

You can easily maximize your outreach on the web through social media shares. The audience becomes interested in content that has been shared a lot and considers it trustworthy. It doesn’t take long for these readers to become your followers on social media.

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Guest Post Guide for Contributors & Bloggers – Guest Post Outreach!

Focus on goals

Guest blogging guidelines are easy to understand. Before that, you should chalk out the goals you have set for yourself.

What are your goals?

  • Do you want more traffic on your website or blog to increase sales?
  • Are you desirous of creating brand awareness about your blog?
  • Do you need genuine backlinks from high-authority websites?
  • Do want more email subscribers for your newsletters and more followers on social media?

  • Find out high quality blogs with a large audience which caters your niche.

    Choosing the Topic

    Yes, you have to follow the guidelines of the host website but you cannot forget that your primary target is the promotion of your blog. You must choose the topic of the guest blog carefully so that it connects with the audience and also serves the (interest) purpose of your blog.

    Check out the content that is most loved and commented upon by the readers. Now choose the topic based on its popularity on the host blog. Make sure you include the most popular keywords used for searching such content.

  • Your content must have some new and useful information for the readers
  • Content topic must be fresh & unique
  • Most popular content generally belongs to problem-solving, experience sharing, and in-depth analysis
  • Which websites to write for?

    Many websites accept guest posts. How to decide which websites to write for? Always choose websites that help in achieving your niche goals + audience interest.

    Finding websites that accept guest posts

    You can take the help of Google to find out websites accepting guest posts. On Twitter, you need to type ‘guest article’ or ‘guest post’ to see the results. is an online source that lists all top sites in a given niche. You can also check out your competitors guest posting opportunities.

  • [topic keyword phrase] + “write for us”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “guest article”
  • [topic keyword phrase] + “become a contributor”
  • How to Find GP Opportunities?

    Once you have made a list of websites accepting guest posts, find out those that are in your chosen niche and also enjoy a high DA. Now check the content on these sites and see if it is engaging for the readers or not. You need to check if the niche blog is relevant, engaging & how much is the frequency of blog post on the site.

    Google Search Tool

    Find Guest post opportunities via using these type of keywords “guest post,” “submit a guest post,” “guest posting sites,” “guest posting guidelines,”
    Google Reverse Image search Tool
    Google Reverse Image Search is a hack that will tell you all the websites where your favorite writer has written guest posts. All you have to do is to paste the link of the image of that author in Google Image search.You will get a list of websites where the author has done guest posting

    Connect with other Popular Bloggers

    If you know popular bloggers in your niche, you can find out from Google the names of websites for which they have written guest posts. Ex type in google search: “Guest post by (insert the blogger’s name),”you can come to know where these bloggers have posted their content after which you can contact them directly for guest posting

    Backlink Tracing Competitors Blogs

    Check out the blogs of your competitors to find out the websites that are linked to them. There is a tool called Open Site Explorer that identifies backlinks to the blogs of your competitors. If your competitor’s site is linked to an XYZ Blog, then there is a high chance of getting links from that XYZ Blog to your site. This is a great strategy to find guest blogging opportunities via backlink competitor check.

    Social media – guest blogging opportunity!

    Social media is very helpful in identifying guest post opportunities. Simply mention your desire of writing guest posts and websites accepting such posts may contact you directly. Post details about your guest post via social media and let them contact you. From your side, you can also do an online search if any site is accepting guest posts. If yes, contact them directly. You can also search articles listing top websites accepting guest bloggers. Contact these websites individually and see which ones are ready to allow you to write for them.

    Make your Pitch

    Once you have identified websites having GP opportunities, you need to communicate with them to submit your proposal. Study the content on the website to find posts that have been most liked, shared, and commented upon. Understand their guidelines and the format they want in the post.

    NOTE: Don’t waste your time (or the publisher’s time) pitching guest posts that have no chance of being accepted. Now is the time to make a killer pitch.

  • * Keep the guest post proposal short and sweet.Let them know that you have been following the content on their website.
  • * Subject line must be interesting and engaging, should be catchy
  • * Remember that there are more bloggers like you desirous of getting a chance to write guest posts for them.
  • * Your proposal should be polite, compact, and to the point. It needs to strike an emotional appeal to the blog owner.Make sure your guest post pitch is not promotional & it must be personal
  • * Let them know how your content will be useful for their readers and in keeping with the goals of their website. Let the blogger know how your post can bring in more readers & what your readers can gain.
  • * Mention your Proof about links to published articles and experience in your niche.
  • * You can also give them 3-7 topics to choose from.
  • * Do let them know your USP, why they should accept his pitch. Do highlight credible points about you which can bring them trust.
  • Follow up

    Just because you have submitted your proposal does not mean you will get acceptance from the website. Remember that there are many more bloggers like you in the queue. Therefore, it becomes important to follow up with your pitch and check its status after 1-2 weeks through an email.

    Creating the Guest post – Write quality content

    Increase traffic to your site
    It’s wonderful that your proposal has been accepted by the website. They will give you guidelines, the word count, the links to be included, and the topic for the guest post. Once you get the green signal, you can start writing the guest blog. Quality is the most important thing in a guest post. The content should be engaging and useful for the readers. Though you are writing for another website, you aim to send organic traffic to your blog. Avoid fluff and write a post that is excellent in quality& engaging. Make sure to keep your blog informative and useful.

    Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain because readers will not like and share it with their friends. You must follow the guidelines given to you so that your blog looks similar to other posts on the website. Though you are using this guest postas a marketing tool , make sure that it does not appear promotional by any means. Include relevant keywords in your content to make sure you get organic traffic to your blog. Remember to give links whether you are recommending any products or services or mentioning some facts in your blog. Finally, give a call to action sublimely to encourage readers to take action.

    Bio profile / what About the Credibility of the Author?

    The Author Bio is a crucial part of any guest post. You can take liberties here to promote yourself by giving out links to your earlier published articles and blog. Do not add more than two links in the author bio, and you should decide on which links to add. Give your website link if you are desirous of some much-needed backlinks. Link to the landing page is a good idea if your focus is on selling products and services. Giving links to social media channels is advisable if you wish to increase your followers.

    Track your post success

    You have written the guest post and are feeling good. However, you need not sit idle afterward. Check out the performance of the post using Google Analytics to see if it has helped in increasing referral traffic to your blog or not. Compare the amount of referral traffic your blog has received with the referral traffic generated through all your previous guest blogs.

    Bonus Tip for Guest Blogging

    Yes, you can expect a higher organic traffic and several backlinks through guest blogging. But you can get another reward if you follow this tip. You can add many new subscribers to your email list if you offer your readers of guest blog something of value. This bonus resource could be an eBook or a video full of useful information for your readers.

  • 1) Create an eBook or a video that can be a perfect gift for your readers. However, make sure that this bonus resource is related to the topic of the guest blog.
  • 2) Place the link to this bonus resource at the end of the guest blog
  • 3) Pitch your bonus material at the end of the guest blog so that users can share their email ids to access the blog post.
  • 4) Once you get access via email ids then users will be able to visit your own blog post

  • Only those who subscribe to your email list will get access to the bonus resource. This is a wonderful way to add many new subscribers to your email list.

    What do Bloggers want from you?

    You are hoping to derive benefits through guest blogging in the form of higher organic traffic and backlinks. There is nothing wrong in that but you also need to give something of value in return to the website for which you are writing.

  • 1. You must write high quality content that is FRESH, Unique and relevant for the readers.
  • 2. Do as much research as possible on the topic given to you so that your content is fresh and original. Remember to keep the content unique and different from the one that already exists on the website for which you are writing.
  • Promote your content

    Many times business owners try to Over promote their brand but editors of the guest blog might not be interested. So how do you maintain the balance?

  • Keep your focus on the shortlisted topic and do not try to over promote your brand.
  • Promote your brand in a very subtle manner and keep it confined to 1-2 lines in contextual place in the guest blog.
  • You are free to use the guest blog post in social media channels where you promote your own brand. You can also mention the guest post and give its link in your email newsletters for your subscribers.
  • Do not forget to encourage your followers to like, share, and comment on your guest post.
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    Track your Post success / Review your analytics

    Measure the performance of your guest post with the help of Google Analytics. It will tell you the amount of referral traffic your blog is getting from the guest post. You can get the information in the “All Traffic.” Section. There is another tool called Google Search Console that can be used to keep an eye on top linking sites.

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