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Genesisminds Press release service is what you’re looking for as you’ll get a combination of various top PR companies providing you with affordable custom-based packages according to your needs

Genesisminds Press Releases services make sure you can get all the benefits of high-quality distribution services without spending too much money. Our target is to help you boost your traffic, get tons of customers and increase your online awareness

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To note, we use our PR leading distribution network to help you share your story to all media, including social media, blogs, industry-based publications and search engines

No need to spend too much for your press releases as we can give you cost-effective press release services along with up-to-date and powerful methods of distribution. We only employ the best prolific writers to ensure you can increase your credibility online.

What is Press Release?

PR is a short news story, a way of distributing & publishing events to the high traffic sites via various reputed Media & Search engines like Google news. PR services can be used for promoting your product or services ex: new launch of your company or product. PR gives instant coverage of your story & also useful for your brand’s awareness.

Focusing on social presence, this strategy is useful when combined with other SEO strategies. In Internet era, the press release is made to get noticed as soon as possible by the search engines. There is no serious company that ignores this quick PR strategy.

Press Release Advantages:
  • Gaining wider publicity
  • Improving website ranking
  • Increasing the site traffic
  • Generating more revenue
  • Getting recognition through services
  • Natural links from outside sources
  • Builds back links and site authority
  • Visibility
  • Brand / Name recognition
  • Referral traffic

The Benefits of Using a Press Release
1. Your news will be widely published

You can get your news presented in front of your potential targets as many as possible. In fact, your news will be sent out to tons of publications and not only that, it will be republished. If your story has interesting soundbites or interesting information then your PR can spread quickly and also republished. Your story will be published on major search engines ex: google news, news rss feeds, document sharing sites, blog outreach networks, media sites, premium news websites & various regional distribution channels to get mass coverage .

2. Brings in more Customers

Best strategy to get instant backlinks is from PR marketing. Keywords & Titles in the press release determine the success of the promotion. By placing them correctly in your press release, you have the opportunity to get them cited by journalists and thus bring you more influential links to improve your rank and your PR as well.

3. You may get new contents for other marketing channels

Don’t limit yourself! You can include your embed pictures and videos to make your contents transform from something typical to something unique. Consider to divide your contents into some sections, background information, quotes by your employees and of course your boiler plate at the end of all. Some multimedia experts asserts that the involvement of images and videos can significantly increase "clicks".

Our Affordable Press release strategy can give you various benefits
Our Focus

* Our press release services will help you build up anchor texts naturally, making them more relevant in front of your customers.

* We can boost your pages in no time and to make them last longer showed on search engines. By providing regular updates we can bind your audiences as long as possible.

* We provide more organized press release distribution and by running on the more organized way, you can get a bigger chance to receive better rank in search engines.

* We can make your press release newsworthy and at the same time help you increase the look of your contents, making them more interesting for anyone.

* We don’t stuff keywords but we direct you to use only the best ones. Our experts can direct you to choose natural-sounding keywords since the selection of keywords greatly influences the effectiveness of the message delivered.

* Get rid of the boredom: No boredom anymore. You can make your press release more attractive by adding some media like creative words, interesting photos, touching videos and many more.

How does a press release work?

Our focus is to make sure your company or organization gets a lot of attention from as many journalists as possible. Great attention from journalists will increase the visibility of your company or organization.

Hire one of our press release experts and you will find out that we only provide the skilled ones in the industry. Don't forget to provide photos, key facts and at least a Media Contact section.

Press release is written by our High end experts : Press release is submitted to various syndication sites & 200 to 400 media sites ( Blogger Outreach, Social media & Google news etc)

We will distribute your press releases through high-value distribution sites. They are aggregated to high PR and high authority media trusted sites like ABC News and, guaranting the press releases can reach more people in a shorter time. With strong news distribution networks, all your publications will be known more quickly and more effectively. For information, high PR and high authority sites really determine the success of the promotion.

Really want to boost your traffic? You can rely on Genesisminds Optimized Press Release Services.

We recognize the importance of traffic and we understand how to improve it in the best ways. Our services have been optimized, ensuring they can really help you better. If you are ready to receive heavy qualified traffic to your website by getting ranked higher in search engines and seriously boost the revenue then Genesisminds Optimized Press Release writing service and Optimized Press Release Online Distribution is the perfect marketing service that you can opt for.

Specifically written Press release attracts media attention where press releases are needed to deliver your stories in the best way & we are the best to guarantee they are always on target. By using good press releases, the media's attention to your newsworthy events is not something difficult to achieve anymore. Your potential targets will see that your stories are packaged naturally.

Examples of press releases include:
The importance of press release marketing campaign ( Press Release Distribution Services)

We help you by providing interesting topics for your press releases. Use our marketing campaign at least once a month and you will get some benefits. By using interesting topics your chances of getting media attention will be even greater & the greater the media attention, the greater the chance your goals will be achieved.

Genesisminds Press Release Services:

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* Manual Press Release - Minimum 10 Press Release sites Writing + Submissions : $99

We will Manually Write + submit your PR to High quality Press release sites with a wide distribution Network. You’ll get good visibility on the top search engines. Maximum visibility on the search engines is a key to get tons of views & in the end will increase your ranking and Domain Authority. Now is the era of the Internet and of course visibility in search engines is one of the important factors in promotion.

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